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June 20, 1998 / TJ Hawke

Mike Quackenbush vs. Lou Marconi from IPW 1998

Recap from TJ Hawke:

“I don’t think much of Lightning Mike Quackenbush as a person, but he’s got some movez.” Fantastic introduction to 1998 Quack. This is obviously the earliest Quack match that I’ve seen.

Quack did some movez. Marconi seemingly cut him off, but Quack came back with a Deadman Suicida. Marconi avoided a baseball slide and then cut Quack off. Marconi hit a tope during the heat. Quack made a fiery comeback full of wackiness. Marconi hit a chokebomb for a nearfall. Quack came back with a double jump, Arabian Press moonsault: 1…2…3! Marconi kicked out at 3.1

Quack has been one of the very favorite in-ring performers for a few years now. It was cool to seem some of his earlier work. If you are a fan of Quack at all, I recommend this match.


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