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December 7, 1997 / TJ Hawke

The Rock vs. Steve Austin from WWF’s In Your House: D-Generation X 1997

Recap from TJ Hawke:

The Rock was accompanied by the Nation of Domination. Austin came to the ring in a pickup truck. The match was for Austin’s Intercontinental Championship, but apparently Rock had stolen in at some point. Austin attacked Rock before the bell, but the Nation made the save. D’Lo Brown  ate a backdrop onto the truck and then a stunner. The match finally started after that. The Nation interfered, but Austin was able to dispatch of Farooq and Kama Mustafa with relative ease. Rock was still in control after that. He hit a bootleg People’s Elbow. He went for a second one, but Austin avoided it. Austin accidentally gave the referee the stunner. Rock went for a brass knux shot, but Austin kicked him in the gut and hit a stunner: 1…2…3!

It’s obviously nowhere near as good as their main events years later, but it’s definitely Austin vs. Rock. It’s just a seven minute version of what they did together.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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