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October 13, 1997 / TJ Hawke

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Curt Hennig from WCW’s Nitro TV 1997

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Wow, I do not remember Mr. Perfect being a part of the nWo. This match was for Hennig’s United States Championship.

Kimberly accompanied DDP to the ring. Hennig kept retreating to the floor early on. Hennig eventually cut him off with a lariat to the back of the head. Hennig then worked him over. DDP eventually countered a sleeper into a jawbreaker and then made a comeback. He actually hit a variation of the Styles Clash. Hennig avoided the Diamond Cutter. Ric Flair tried to get to the ring, but people held him back. Hennig was distracted and then got caught with a schoolboy by DDP: 1…2…3

DDP started celebrating with the belt, but the referee took it away. The referee seemed that the Ric Flair distraction was enough for him to call off the finish.

A finish like that would normally annoy me, but I thought it was somewhat clever given the circumstances. Perfect and Flair had an upcoming PPV match, which the angle helped to set up. DDP got a phantom title win that he didn’t entirely deserve due to the Flair distraction but he still seemed like someone worthy of the belt. Plus, it could potentially make fans more excited whenever he did win. If this was on PPV, I would have probably been annoyed, but this seemed fine for television. Did I just compliment a Dusty Finish? I probably wouldn’t have put DDP in this situation to begin with, but yea, I think I just complimented a Dusty Finish.

Match Rating: **1/4


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