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October 6, 1997 / TJ Hawke

Bret Hart vs. Triple H from WWE’s Raw TV 1997

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Bret was WWF Heavyweight Champion at the time of this match. HHH was still using the Hunter Hearst Helmsley music, gear, and mannerisms when he came out. Chyna accompanied him.

Bret was running through HHH early on until HHH cut him off with an eye rake. Bret came right back though. Shawn Michaels came down to the ringside area. Shawn picked his nose with the Canadian flag.  That distraction allowed HHH to cut Hart off again. Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart came down to the ringside area to even the odds. After a commercial, HHH was still working over Bret. Hart hit a back suplex and then made a comeback. The British Bulldog  was also at the ringside area by this point. HHH came back with a DDT, but Bret then applied the sharpshooter. Chyna helped HHH reach the ropes. Rick Rude got involved to help D-X. Chyna attacked Bret, and HBK then hit him with a superkick. That superkick allowed HHH to win via countout.

This was a really weird match/angle to run in middle America. I honestly didn’t mind any of it in theory because it was a middle chapter in a story, but this seemed like something they needed to do in Canada to be successful. Instead, it’s just a lifeless match with a shitty finish.

Match Rating: *


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