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July 14, 1997 / TJ Hawke

Steve Austin & Dude Love vs. The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart & The British Bulldog) from WWF 1997

Recap from TJ Hawke:

The winners of this match become the undisputed WWF Tag Team Champions.

Steve Austin took on Owen and Bulldog by himself because he refused to accept Mankind as a partner. The Harts played the numbers game on him. Austin kept fighting back, but it was clear he could not beat them by himself. Austin got sent into the steel steps. The commentators said that Austin’s partner arrived, as we went to commercial. We were left with the image of a pair of white boots dancing backstage.

When we came back, Austin was falling victim to the numbers game yet again. Austin managed to send both men packing to the floor at one point. Dude Love then came on the videotron. “I’m coming to save the day. Lord have mercy~!” I’m a BIG FAN of Dude Love. So, just as Austin seemed to have things going his way, his partner showed up. Dude Love tagged in and had minimal success. Austin entered the ring illegally and gave Bulldog a stunner. Dude Love made the cover: 1…2…3!

After the match, the Dude Love groupies celebrated with Dude. Austin begrudgingly shook his hand.

As a match, this was oddly structured (even within the goofy context that I was all for). I guess the idea would be to set up the team so that Dude Love wasn’t as good as Austin? I don’t know. REGARDLESS, this was a fun trip back to the #AttitudeEra, which is not usually how I feel when I take such trips.

Match Rating: **1/2


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