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November 17, 1996 / TJ Hawke

Crush, Jerry Lawler, Goldust & Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Marc Mero, Barry Windham, Rocky Maivia, & Jake Roberts from WWF’s Survivor Series 1996

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Not much of note happened early. Rocky dropkicked Lawler to the floor and then squared off with Helmsley, which was cute. Jake tagged in and called for the DDT, but Helmsley drove him into the unfriendly corner. Roberts was worked over. Roberts caught Lawler with a DDT out of nowhere: 1…2…3!
Jerry Lawler was eliminated.

Goldust hit Windham with the Curtain Call: 1…2…3
The Stalker was eliminated.

Wildman was worked over for a while. Wildman finally came back with a Merosault on Helmsley: 1…2…3
Helmsley was eliminated.

Wildman went for a slingshot plancha on Crush, but Wildman went splat. The camera missed the Wildman eliminated. Crush caught Jake with the Heart Punch: 1…2…3
The Wildman and Jake Roberts were eliminated.

Rocky was left alone against Crush and Goldust. Crush accidentally gave Goldust a Heart Punch. Rocky then hit Crush with a standing crossbody: 1…2…3
Crush was eliminated.

Goldust poked Rocky in the eye, but Rock came back with a shoulder breaker: 1…2…3
Goldust was eliminated.

This was not much of a match, but it’s obviously a significant match in The Rock’s career. The Rock showed some charisma, but you would have no idea he would become one of the biggest wrestling stars ever based on this.

Match Rating: *1/2


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