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June 23, 1996 / TJ Hawke

Goldust vs. Ahmed Johnson from WWF King of the Ring 1996

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Holy shit. This feud was based on around WWE’s only non-hetereonormative character sexually assaulting another man? Un-fucking-believable, but so very believable at the same time.

Ahmed took it to Goldust right away and hit a sloppy Deadman Suicida. Goldust got control after avoiding a Stinger Splash. Goldust used various restholds to work over Ahmed. Goldust hit a piledriver and then teased sexually assault him again. This was all exceptionally boring. Goldust eventually did sexually assault Ahmed again. That woke Ahmed up, and he made a comeback. He then finished Goldust with the Gibson Driver.

This was a terribly boring match with one of the most despicable storylines and in-ring stories that I’ve ever seen in the WWF (and that is saying something). DUD does not do this whole thing justice.

Match Rating: -*****


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  1. Jake Ziegler / Apr 29 2015 5:21 PM

    The Gibson Driver wasn’t born yet in 1996.

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