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August 30, 1993 / TJ Hawke

Razor Ramon vs. Ted DiBiase from WWF’s Summerslam 1993

Recap from TJ Hawke:

DiBiase attacked Razor from behind to start the match. Razor nearly immediately came back though. DiBiase finally cut Razor off and then worked him over. DiBiase mostly targeted the neck which set up the cobra clutch. Razor eventually caught him with a clothesline. DiBiase exposed a turnbuckle, but Razor sent him into it. Razor’s Edge: 1…2…3

This ended up being Ted DiBiase’s last match in the WWE until 2007 (he paid I.R.S. to let him win a gimmick battle royal on some Raw anniversary show that year). I liked that DiBiase went after the neck to set up the Cobra Clutch, but nothing else about the work stood out to me.

Match Rating: **1/4


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