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February 13, 1993 / TJ Hawke

Robby V vs. Scotty Flamingo from WCW’s Worldwide TV 1993


Recap from TJ Hawke:

Robby V is of course Rob Van Dam, and Flamingo is Raven.  Robby V had a karate gimmick, essentially. I think Flamingo’s gimmick was that he was from California. I’m probably wrong. I don’t care.


Robby did a couple of flippy things early, but Flamingo quickly cut him off. Flamingo worked him over for a bit. Robby got a nearfall with a backslide. Robby hit a spinning wheel kick and then an awkward dropkick. Robby then hit a World’s Strongest Slam and a split-legged moonsault: 1…2…3.


If you want to see two “attitude era” stars in their early, geeky years, then this is the match for you. That is the only value this match has.

Match Rating: Scotty Flamingo


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