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January 23, 1993 / TJ Hawke

Robby V vs. Pat Rose from WCW’s Saturday Night TV 1993


Recap from TJ Hawke:

I have no idea who Rose is. Let me look him up. Nope, he’s no one.


RVD did some flippy stuff and kicky stuff early on. Rose cut him off and got the heat for the bit. RVD came back with a SLEEPER. Always a babyface move of doom. Rose escaped and went after RVD’s face. RVD came back with a sole but.  RVD then hit a World’s Strongest Slam and a split-legged moonsault: 1…2…3


This was RVD’s WCW debut. It was not good. I’d imagine that RVD would have stood out though. If RVD’s time in WCW was more important to his career, I would say this match is significant. As it is, this is not worth anyone’s time.

Match Rating: Derp 


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