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January 31, 1992 / TJ Hawke

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts from WWF 1992


Recap from David Arthur:

For those of you who go as far back as I do, you may recall SummerSlam 1991 featured the wedding of Randy “Macho Man,” Savage and Miss Elizabeth. You may also recall that the wedding reception was a lovely affair that turned disastrous when one of the wedding gifts opened by the bride contained a snake, put there by the sinister Jake ” The Snake,” Roberts.


Given the events that preceded this match it came as no surprise that it began not with a collar and elbow tie up, but with the two trying to knock one another’s teeth out. Savage, known for his hot temper, furiously takes the fight to Jake without recoil, in and out of the ring, and continues to do so until Jake runs Savage into the steel post. You’ll notice the post in question is mic’ed. Quite blatantly to the point of being an eyesore.


Jake slows down the pace of the match to his liking, methodically punishing Savage. When he attempts his trademark Short-Arm Clothesline, Savage ducks it and takes control again, but his momentum is all too brief. Jake attempts a DDT, but Savage holds onto the ropes causing Jake to hit his head on the mat. Savage then climbs to the top and delivers a Top Rope Elbow Drop for the victory.


Afterwards Savage is content to continue to assault on Jake, but referees and an appearance by official Rene Goulet, get involved and keep Savage at bay while Jake makes his escape.


Not bad at all. When you put these two in a match, on paper it looks tremendous. But remember this is the WWF ( or E ), where most everything happens within the context of a storyline. More often you’ll get emotion-driven wrestling drama in the place of the potential 5 star wrestling matches. In this case I don’t mind so much. My only real gripe is that it’s way too short.


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