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December 3, 1991 / TJ Hawke

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts from WWF’s This Tuesday in Texas 1991

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was Savage’s first match after being reinstated. These had been feuding for several months.

Savage attacked Roberts during the latter’s entrance. Jake cut him off and went after the arm that was bitten by the snake. Savage avoided the DDT and drove Roberts into the corner. Diving Elbow: 1…2…3!

Savage tried to attack Roberts more after the match, but Roberts caught him with a DDT. Roberts hit a second DDT. Jake then took out the snake from underneath the ring. That’s a bit of a loophole to the “No snake in the corner” rule! Miss Elizabeth made the save. Elizabeth begged for Roberts to back off. Instead, Roberts gave him another DDT. Roberts told Elizabeth she really had to beg more. Apparently, Roberts then started to slap her around, but we did not see that.

This was real short but everything about it was nearly perfectly executed. Between the promos and the post-match segment, this was one thrilling package. It also shows how a babyface can win an early match in a feud, but the heel can come out looking stronger after it’s all said and done.

Match Rating: ***1/2



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