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November 27, 1991 / TJ Hawke

Col. Mustafa, Hercules, Skinner, & The Berzerker vs. El Matador, Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, & The Texas Tornado from WWF’s Survivor Series 1991

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Mustafa was accompanied by General Adnan. It’s funny to see that Slaughter had turned into an American-loving babyface in the same year that he main evented Wrestlemania as an Iraqi sympathizer.

Know what ages great? Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventua talking about people from the Middle East. Hacksaw was worked over by the heels for a bit. Hacksaw hit Mustafa with a vertical suplex and then tagged out to Slaughter. He defeated Mustafa with an atomic drop and a lariat.

Berzerker tagged in. Slaughter was then worked over by the heels. Slaughter fought back and tagged out to Hacksaw. The next elimination was actually Santana hitting a leaping fist drop on Hercules.

Santana was then worked over by Skinner and Berzerker. Santana managed to tag out to Slaughter. Slaughter caught Skinner with a schoolboy: 1…2…3

Berzerker is the last heel left on his team. Hacksaw tagged in. Slaughter sent Berzerker into a Hacksaw lariat: 1…2…3

This was not good at all. Do not watch this.

Match Rating: DUD


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