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April 16, 1991 / TJ Hawke

Roddy Piper vs. Ted DiBiase from WWF 1991

Recap from TJ Hawke:

DiBiase was managed by Sensational Sherrie. Roddy took it to DiBiase early. Sherrie tried to stop him, but Roddy sexually assaulted her. Wrestling. Sherrie got revenge on her assaulter and got booed for it. DiBiase eventually cut Roddy off with a big boot and then went after Roddy’s knee. Roddy avoided a figure four and then made a one-legged comeback. DiBiase tried to use a crutch as a weapon, but Roddy managed to get the weapon and use it. Sherrie brought the crutch back in the ring. Piper got the weapon and used it on everyone. He even hit the referee, which got him disqualified.

This was a pretty good brawl until the shitty finish. Piper was very over here.

Match Rating: **3/4


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