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October 8, 1990 / TJ Hawke

Jerry Lawler vs. Dick Slater from USWA 1990

Post by TJ Hawke:

This was a quarterfinal match in the USWA Heavyweight Championship tournament.

This was solid if not terribly interesting or exciting. It was a very simple match with Slater cutting Lawler off fairly early, and Lawler then making a comeback late in the match. The finishing stretch was a bit screwy though and unsatisfying (in a presumed attempt to protect Slater in defeat). After a ref bump, Slater went for the (apparently) illegal piledriver. Lawler reversed it into a piledriver of his own though. Lawler had the match won, but the referee figured out that he used the piledriver. That eventually led to a spot where Slater gave Lawler a back suplex where each man had both of their shoulders down. Lawler got a shoulder up at the last second which made him the winner. Slater obviously thought he had won. There’s not much enduring pleasure to be had from that kind of finish, but I can see it working in the context of a tournament. (**1/2)



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