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November 23, 1989 / TJ Hawke

The Hulkamaniacs [Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, & Demolition (Ax & Smash)] vs. The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Zeus, & (The Barbarian & The Warlord)] from WWF Survivor Series 1989

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Mr. Fuji was with Powers of Pain. This is my first match with Zeus, and I am very excited. Hogan and Zeus squared off to start the match. Hogan raked the eyes, but Zeus basically no sold it. Zeus then snapped Hogan’s neck (el oh el). Zeus would not stop choking Hogan, which caused the referee to disqualify him.

Dibiase then started choking Hogan in the ropes. Hogan eventually caught him with a boot and tagged out to The Snake. Demolition then took it to Dibiase. Dibiase finally escaped and tagged out to The Warlord. Powers of Pain worked over Ax. Just as Ax started to come back, Mr. Fuji tripped him. Warlord dropped an elbow to eliminate him.

The Million Dollar Team then worked over Smash. Smash came back on Dibiase, but there was a blind tag to The Barbarian. Barbarian hit Smash with a diving lariat to eliminate him.

Snake was then worked over. This went on for a while. He eventually avoided a diving headbutt from The Barbarian and tagged out to Hogan. Hogan made a big comeback. Hogan hit the Powers of Pain with a double lariat. The Powers of Pain then gave Hogan a double team piledriver. The referee disqualified both of them.

Dibiase was the only one left. For those keeping score at home, each heel has been eliminated for kicking Hogan’s ass too much. Hogan almost passed out to the cobra clutch, but Jake made the save. Hogan was such a fucking heel. Hogan eventually blocked a double axe handle and then tagged out to Snake. Virgil ran in, but Snake gave him a DDT. Dibiase then dropped a fist on Snake: 1…2…3

Dibiase vs. Hogan for the match. Dibiase worked him over for a bit. Hogan fought back, and they both went down after a double lariat. Hogan no-sold a back suplex and hit the big boot. Legdrop of Doom: 1…2…3

This match had a lot of stupid booking (eg: the eliminations), but the action was easy enough to consume. If you want to tickle your Survivor Series nostalgia bone, this match will probably accomplish that.

Match Rating: **1/2


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