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December 30, 1988 / TJ Hawke

Randy Savage vs. Bad News Brown from WWF 1988

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This match was for Savage’s WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Miss Elizabeth came out with Savage. Savage took it to Brown right away and was running through for him for a few minutes. Brown cut him off with a lariat. Brown then worked Savage over for a while. Savage fought back after they spilled to the floor. Savage then made his comeback. He hit was appeared to be an awesome plancha, but the cameraman completely missed it ffs. Back in the ring, Brown managed to avoid the diving elbow. Brown went for a scoop slam, but Savage caught him with a small package: 1…2…3

Brown went to attack Savage with a trash can after the match. Savage got the upperhand of that one though.

I’ve watched two matches between these two from this time period and both were a lot of fun. Both matches also involved high spots that did not become trendy for half a decade. GOOD stuff.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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