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August 27, 1988 / TJ Hawke

Randy Savage vs. Ted Dibiase from WWF 1988

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This match was for Savage’s WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Savage attacked Dibiase before the bell and even used the belt as a weapon. They started brawling on the floor. Virgil was with Dibiase. Miss Elizabeth was with Savage. Dibiase cut off Savage and then worked him over. Savage came back with a couple of pinning combinations for nearfalls and then hit a vertical suplex. Dibiase cut him off again though and went back to working Savage over. Savage avoided the trust fall elbow drop and then made a comeback. Savage set up for the diving elbow, but Virgil stopped him. Dibiase then accidentally hit Virgil. Dibiase managed to get the cobra clutch though. Savage got to the ropes. Virgil then him with a chair: 1…2…NO! Virgil undid a turnbuckle pad, but Savage and Dibiase both hit their heads on it. Savage eventually crawled over for a pin attempt, but Virgil ran in and interfered.

Dibiase and Virgil attacked Savage some more after the match.

Wow, what an awful fucking finish to this match. This is my third Savage/Dibiase match, and I’ve been underwhelmed by all three of them to varying degrees. The finish to this one did not help it of course, but it was not lighting my world on fire before that.

Match Rating: **1/2


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