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March 1, 1976 / Sam DiMascio

Crusher Blackwell vs. Bobo Brazil from WWF 1976

A bit of a copy and paste job from my blog, Spandex Are Still Cool.

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This one here takes place in Madison Square Garden which already gets me nostalgic of a time I wasn’t alive for. I have seen a grand total of ONE Crusher Blackwell match and that was two years ago so I’ve forgotten everything about him. This makes it quite the treat when I see his voluptuous figure and ghost like skin up against Bobo who I’ve seen about as much as. Already a fan of Blackwell. He throws quality punches and has goofy selling that is so charming. Bobo had like one strike that looked good then some of the weirdest ones I’ve seen in a wrestling match. I think Bobo attempted to hit Blackwell with the tip of his fingers which made me laugh a good chunk. Bobo locked on a sleeper in this match which the announcers were very confused by. It was quite plausible to have Crusher choke on the neck fat that Bobo was squeezing. Not a bad waste of time.

Beating the 10 Count: Not a good match but a nice showcase for Blackwell.

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